Fantasy Bracket Racing

Big Bucks Fantasy League is strictly a game of skill.  Racers and Fans can use their knowledge & skill to build their own team/s of choice to compete against other player's teams. 

2020 League Schedules (Leagues will be created for each of the following events.  Drafting of teams will end the night prior to each event. 

SFG 500 - Adel, GA - The $500k Main Event only. - POSTPONED - Entries will be refunded

Bristol Fling Million - Blountville, TN - The Million Main Event only. - EVENT DRAFT CLOSED

Great American Guaranteed Million - Millington, TN - The Guaranteed Million Main Event only. - Sorry for the delay in results for Memphis. We are compiling the results now. Due to a computer issue at Memphis MMTV wasn't able to download and upload the round by round results automatically.  We are in the process of verifying now.

Scott & Champ

The MILLION - Montgomery, AL - The Million Main Event only. - * DRAFTING NOW OPEN *


Contestants will select 4 individual drivers to make up their team/s.  You may build as many teams as you would like to compete with.  Drivers may be selected on multiple teams by you or different players, but do NOT select a driver more than one time per team as you will only receive points once per driver.

* The Draft List has been compiled of some of the Nation's Top Big Bucks Bracket Racers verified to be at the event.

** If you choose a double entered driver/s for your team, points will be awarded to the driver's number that wins the most rounds only on the day of the race.  Do NOT pick a driver for 2 driver positions on your team as you will only be awarded points once for a particular driver.

*** In an unforseen circumstance where a particular driver cannot make the 1st round call making an incomplete team, a complete refund of that particular team's entry will be awarded.

Entry Fee per team is $25

The winning player/s will win or split equally 50% of the overall purse.  The runner up/s will win or split equally 30% and the 3rd place finisher/s will win or split equally the remaining 20% of the overall purse.

Points will be awarded for the last round won by each driver on a team.  So if your team wins R1 (1pt), R5 (6pts), R7 (8.5pts), R2 (2.25pts), your team would compile 17.75 points towards the league championship for that event.  In the event of a tie for a position, players will split equally the payout for that placing.

(The overall purse will be calulated by the total dollar of entry fees minus a 25% administration fee, determining the total payout)