The MILLION - Montgomery, AL (Opens Oct 12th)

Big Bucks Fantasy League is strictly a game of skill.  Racers and Fans can use their knowledge & skill to build their own team/s of choice to compete against other player's teams.

This is a Team Draft for the Million main event race only.

Select 4 individual drivers to make up your team/s.  You may build as many teams as you would like to compete with.  Drivers may be selected on multiple teams by you or different players, but do NOT select a driver more than one time per team as you will only receive points once per driver.

* If you choose a double entered driver/s for your team, points will be awarded to the driver's number that wins the most rounds only on the day of the race.  Do NOT pick a driver for 2 driver positions on your team as you will only be awarded points once for a particular driver.

** In an unforseen circumstance where a particular driver cannot make the 1st round call making an incomplete team, a complete refund of that particular team's entry will be awarded.

Entry Fee per team is $25

The winning player/s will win or split equally 50% of the overall purse.  The runner up/s will win or split equally 30% and the 3rd place finisher/s will win or split equally the remaining 20% of the overall purse. (An administration fee of 25% will deducted from each team purchased prior to calculating the overall purse)



The MILLION - Montgomery, AL (Opens Oct 12th)
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